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Bicycle Beano
Bicycle Beano
Contact: Jane Barnes & Rob Green
Address: Bicycle Beano Cycling Holidays, Erwood,
Builth Wells,
Powys, LD2 3PQ,
Wales, UK 
Telephone: 01982 560471 
Website: http://www.kc3.co.uk/beano 
Email: bicycle@beano.k3.co.uk 
Information: "Everyone cycles at their own pace, chatting, laughing, or just enjoying the sense of peace." Healthy Eating magazine

A Bicycle Beano is a sociable on-road cycling event. It's a chance to make new friends, relax, justify cake consumption, and enjoy cycling in splendid countryside.

The beauty of Bicycle Beano is the flexibility of our routes. Each day we do a moderately-paced 35 to 40-mile ride, returning to the same venue each evening. With short cuts and longer detours en-route, you can choose whether to do more or less mileage. Some days you might fancy a 60 mile whizz, other days a 30 mile potter.

Specially-designed maps and written directions point out interesting sites, local history, and good watering holes etc. Plus we cycle along too as guides and back-up.

You cycle at your own pace, either with a group or on your own if you prefer. Everyone meets up at lunch and afternoon tea stops; and perhaps to explore an ancient castle, admire a view, or go for a swim.

"It was the quietness that was heard most, broken only by the sound of a cow lowing or the breeze stirring the trees and the crunch of gravel under our tires." The New York Times

Brilliant Beano venues include a picturesque watermill, a magnificent Georgian mansion, an elegant Victorian country house, and a fabulous centre with its own lake and the best view from a bike shed ever. Staying in one place for the duration of the holiday means you can relax and get to know the area well, free from the hassle of moving on each day.

Ace cooks provide delicious vegetarian cuisine, enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Home-grown organic fruit and vegetables are used whenever available. We don't ostracise carnivores there's a choice of meat and veggie meals at the lunch stops.

Evenings are spent chatting over a glass of wine, playing daft games, or just sitting and watching the sun go down.

Bicycle Beanos are suited to everybody, vegetarians and meat eaters, singles and couples, young and old.

For details of holidays on offer please check out our web site.

Please mention this Builth web site if you contact Bicycle Beanos.
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